Japan Trip March 2008 Photos

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Society: Japan and Safety

Why is it that bicycles and cars are relatively safe, but children need adult escorts and safety patrols now?

IMG_0944-Toride-kids-safety IMG_0983-Toride-kids-safety IMG_1009-Toride-bicycles-safety IMG_1018-Toride-kids-safety IMG_1036-Toride-kids-safety IMG_1808-Tokyo-streets-runningcar-safety IMG_3317-Tokyo-streets-umbrella-safety

Society: Students

Some students here and there. The 2008 fad for girls apparently involves making their skirts as short as possible. The shortened hemline fashion becomes less common the further from Tokyo and the cities one gets.

IMG_0829-Mito-streets-students IMG_0928-Mito-students IMG_0929-Mito-students IMG_0983-Toride-kids-safety IMG_1018-Toride-kids-safety IMG_1036-Toride-kids-safety IMG_1839-Tokyo-Mitsukoshi-shops-students IMG_2031-Nara-Houryuuji-students IMG_2102-Nara-Houryuuji-garden-students IMG_2530-Nara-Todaiji-kids IMG_2650-Nara-Koufukuji-students IMG_2764-Kyoto-Tenryuuji-students


Some scenic photos of and around two separate cemeteries.

IMG_0909-Mito-graves IMG_0918-Mito-graves-nature IMG_0923-Mito-graves-nature IMG_0924-Mito-graves-nature IMG_0925-Mito-graves-nature IMG_1474-Nagano-Shibu-streets-graves IMG_1476-Nagano-Shibu-streets-graves

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