Japan Trip March 2008 Photos

As of Sept. 2008: I am in the process of adding cultural notes to every photo page.... I'm still only about 15% of the way through the 600+ files, though!

ALL photos copyright 2008 Eri Izawa. All rights reserved.

By Location

Photos by location. Please NOTE: Some transit photos are "lumped in" with locations for which they don't actually belong; they were taken on the way to the named location.

Ibaraki: Toride, Mito (commentary added)

Suburban Japanese home life in Ibaraki.

Nagano (commentary partially added)

Old-fashioned hot springs resort town near Nagano. Plus an ichigenkin concert, traditional Japanese games, and more! Watch my video of an ichigenkin (WMV format).

Nara: General and the Houryuuji

Nara is an ancient city of Japan. It contains many World Heritage Sites and National Treasures, such as Houryuuji temple, founded in about 607 AD.

Nara: Nigatsudo and the Shoso

Pictures of the Omizutori's night-time fire ceremony at Nigatsudo Temple, and the Shoso storage. See a video of Otaimatsu at Nigatsudo (WMV format).

Nara: Todaiji, Todaiji environs, Kasuga Taisha, Koufukuji

Todaiji was constructed in 752. Check out the environs and meet some dear deer. Kasuga Taisha is a large Shinto Shrine. Koufukuji contains a National Treasure.

Kyoto: General, Togetsu Bridge, Tenryuuji, Daisenin, Gosho

Kyoto is another ancient city, full of historic sites. I spent more time there in 2003, but still took some time there this year.

Tokyo: General, Akiba (Akihabara), Tsukiji, Shinjuku

Some of the many flavors of Tokyo.

By Topic

General Culture: Daily Life, Old and New; English Everywhere; Anime; Plants

Society: Safety, Students, Cemeteries

Food and Shopping: Jidou Hanbaiki dispensers; Food; Shopping!

Transportation, Travel, and Tech

Nature: Countryside; Agriculture and Gardens; the Japanese Love Affair with Plants!

Gritty Japan: Construction Sites, Garbage, Manhole Covers 2008

ALL photos copyright 2008 Eri Izawa. All rights reserved.
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