My Publication List

Published Essays

Apparently I have been cited in many a school paper, during the years when my Anime website was unusually popular (there being few other serious analytical web pages out there at the time). These, however, are actual books in which my work (or something I wrote) has been published:

Essay on MIT Hacking

  • Is This the Way to Baker House? A Compendium of MIT Hacking Lore: Editors: Ira Haverson & Tiffany Fulton-Pearson, 1996 MIT Museum, ISBN: 0-917027-04-3: "Producing a Hack at MIT: Engineering in Action"

    Essay on Anime

  • Japan Pop!: Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture: Edited by: Timothy J. Craig, June 2000, M.E. Sharpe, Cloth ISBN: 978-0-7656-0560-3, Paper ISBN: 978-0-7656-0561-0: "The Romantic, Passionate Japanese in Anime: A Look at the Hidden Japanese Soul"

    Essay on Spirituality and Society

  • The Selfish Cell: An Evolutionary Defeat: Matteo Conti, 2008 Kluwer Academic Publishers Group (Netherlands), 2008 Hardback, 104 pages ISBN: 9781402086410 ISBN-10: 1402086415: "Cancer Cells, Healthy Cells: Spirit, Society, and Reality"

    Essay Excerpts about being Nisei

  • Being Japanese American: Gil Asakawa, 2004, Stone Bridge Press, # ISBN-10: 188065685X, # ISBN-13: 978-1880656853: Many little quips I wrote are scattered throughout the book. Just look in the index for my name.

    Some (not all) Photo Publications

    I have given permission many times over the years for the use of various of my photos, mostly for websites or small publications. I can't even begin to remember most of them. Here are two of note that I actually remember.

    Photograph: CP Car on the Great Dome

  • Hajikeru Zunou, Ryouji Torii, 2003 (Book about MIT, published in Japan)

    2 b&w Photos of birds

  • BIRD TALK Magazine, roughly back in 1994.

    Online of Note

    I've had a lot of stuff copied and posted on other sites, not to mention my own: bird articles, anime articles, lots of stuff. I can't remember most of them. The below publications were memorable and pretty cool.

    Heroic Stories

  • Two essays were published in HeroicStories. One was an edited version of Tribute to an Earth Angel, my eulogy for Big Jimmy, and the other was an edited version of What if... (The Honk).

    Asheron's Call

  • As I worked on the game as one of the four designers, I did have some of my in-game short stories published in the game. The name "Dereth" was my creation (derived from some old words meaning "Dark" and "Forest").