About Spirit Slice

Slice discovers that email spam is very similar to some old stereotypes!

Spirit Slice is just a plain old spiritual webcomic (web-comic, or web comic, or however it's written), begun back in 2003, soon after I began my gaming webcomic Camelot Addict. Of course, Slice usually (but perhaps not always) reflects my personal views, which may or may not have any connection to reality. I try to write Spirit Slice only when I feel I've learned something for myself, or when I am feeling something strongly and want to express the feeling. If it gets moralistic, I'm sorry. If it's not always funny, oh well. If I'm wrong or if I insult something you hold dear, please just move on and don't read any more.

Why "Slice"? It's like "home slice," except in this case it's "Spirit Slice." It's a name thoroughly saturated with casual online gamer speak. "Yo peach slice, supz0r?" No, it's NOT "Spirit Splice" ... it's just "Spirit Slice."

Where does Slice live? It's not any currently known country on Earth. Maybe it's a country that doesn't yet exist. In recent national news, it has recently received an influx of refugees called the Malachitians.

What religion does Slice have? Some kind of spirituality that is God-centered and Christ-centered, yet, in Slice's own understanding, is compassionate toward all peoples of all faiths and religions. You could call him Christian, but not any particular flavor, creed, or denomination, and probably more Universalist than anything.

What is Slice's school? It's a school that is grounded in spirituality and education (and yes, some martial arts), and walking the talk as much as talking the talk. It doesn't exist... yet.

Why isn't there continuity between many of the comics? And why are there so few? Because I have been/am either too busy and/or too lazy to put in daily life stuff and normal plot development. You can imagine the daily life continuity going on in the background.

When and why the cartoon name change? Originally the cartoon was "Spirit," but that's ... impossible to Google. I knew I would rename it someday; January 2007 is when I renamed it to "Spirit Slice."

Is Slice a reflection of the author? Of course he is, but he's a lot more active in God's service than I am. I wish I were a little more like Slice.

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