A Water Story

As told by rocks

This is a story about water, told entirely by rocks. Aside from being shaped and polished, as far as I know these rocks have not otherwise been altered.
(Also, these are rocks in my collection. I have seen photos of even more amazing rocks, but I don't have rights to those. Someday I want to do a cosmic story, too.)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful hilly land....

One day, drops of water cascaded down from the storm clouds...

..they sought out the river meandering across the earth, visible from so very high.

The river came to the rapids, where it rushed and rushed down the hills and through the valleys, leaping and splashing among the rocks.

Until at last it met the welcoming waves...

...and joined in the frothing surf, sparkling and dancing...

...lifting and sustaining the plants and all life...

... then plunged down through the wild swirling depths...

...to share in the dance of water and light, one with the ocean at last.

Rocks and water, air and light, are all intertwined on Earth. New Scientist reports that "two-thirds of the kingdom of minerals ... can be traced to the emergence of life" - in other words, rocks and life helped each other develop into the vast variety we have today.

The stones used in this story,
in order:

(picture jasper)
(chalcedony(?) and moonstone(?))
(boulder opal) and canyon jasper
("sea sediment jasper" aka variscite)
(moss agate)
("larimar" pectolite)