Some Cool Minerals

These are minerals that have come through my possession at some time or other. Each is remarkable in some symbolic, artistic way ... natural stone art, captured through the lapidarist's and the beholder's eye. Some look remarkably like water, some like feathers, some like plants, some like galaxies... very cool.
All text and images copyright © 2009 Eri Izawa. All rights reserved.


Birds' feathers and angels' wings in stone form, named after the Seraphim; they testify along with the real Seraphim that indeed:
Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts; the whole Earth is full of His glory...
Most of these clinochlore stones will not be in my possession for long (I hope ... so hard to let these go),
but I will seek to establish an informative collection of photographs of typical seraphinite forms and patterns.
Their resemblance to feathers is astounding; some resemble ice crystals, others fur. Depending on cut, some patterns look like starbursts, sunrises, or long-petal chrysanthemum flowers. In the dark portions are rose-like shapes or even angel-like shapes. Though, a recent acquisition displays some sinister shapes, so it's not always pretty!


Underwater light shimmer, in rock form.
Some call the patterning "turtle back," but I think of it as a stone imitation of a light "caustic network,"
as seen at the bottom of swimming pools and shallow pristine lagoons.

Variscite / Sea-Sediment Jasper

Foam-flecked ocean surface as the water recedes before the next wave. Water, air, spray, and sunlight...
Well, OK, it's a rock, but the resemblance to foamy water is uncanny.

Boulder Opals

... Elvish script in stone, or a galactic center and mystical writing surrounds ...
No two alike, but the "script" is distinctive and colorful and often artistic. These combine the color and sparkle of opal with fascinating patterns of "rock."

Fairy Crosses

... Crosses with legends ....
How fae spirits mourned the Savior's crucifixion ... so they say .... There are fascinating stories out there ....

Picture Jasper

Nature's Landscape Paintings
Looks like delicate Chinese-style landscape art.


Oceanscapes, seascapes, riverscapes, stormclouds, sky, and the creation of the Universe....

Fire Agate

... surreal bubbles of glowing color ....

Moss Agate

Green, almost alive.

Tendrils of "moss" that you would think could photosynthesize in their rock-water.

Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite)

Like a slice of life and water.
Like a soil sample of water and decomposition, algae and fungus.


Like ancient-technology monoliths in cube form.
If you had a piece of fluorite and looked closely, you might see little miniature cubes forming the sides....
It's like a science-fiction fairy tale.


Green glass caused by a crash landing from outer space.
Strong "vibe" when holding, and said to bring change.

All images and text copyright © 2009 Eri Izawa. All rights reserved.