Kyoto, Kyoto Eki (station), Osaka, Hotel Room

Kyoto Views

Ranging from jinrikisha to your usual Japanese fake food.

View at a Kyoto street corner

View at (same) Kyoto street corner

A jinrikisha near Tenryuuji.
"Jin" means person; these person-powered
carts were fairly common in Kyoto.
One guy at a train station
was really persistent in trying to get
us to hire him!

A Kyoto street near Tenryuuji
(I accidentally deleted the large version, oops)

Kyoto taxi interior.
Was fun talking with taxi drivers,
some of whom had authentic Kyoto accents!
One non-Kyoto-native commented
the pedestrians/cyclists in Kyoto are nuts ;)

Path of Philosophy
(Near Ginkakuji)
Note traffic jam to right.
Our wise taxi-driver had us walk to the temple.

Restaurant fake food display
on way to Kiyomizu

Close up of some of the
tastiest-looking plastic (wax?) food.

Street in Kyoto (blurry)

View from a trolley
(Front of trolly)

Kyoto houses
(Seen from a train)

Spring flowers in November!
Some kind of cherry, apple, plum, peach, or whatever.
Err, those are not peach leaves.

Kyoto Eki (Station)

Kyoto Eki is HUGE. It is jam packed with not just platforms for getting onto trains (local trains, subway, and the super fast shinkansen trains), but also shops, an 11-story department store, dining areas and restaurants, galleries, specialized theaters, etc.! Really, really BIG ... and less than a decade old.

Shinkansen coming in.
Japan Rail Pass is SO worth it!

Schoolboys arrive at the station
on some school field trip.
It appears they arrived by shinkansen.

Kyoto Station
(well, the glitziest part.)
Check out the hallway (lined with shops)
visible on the first floor.

Kyoto Station Ceiling
(So you can see how high the glass goes)

Escalators in station mall
going through the department store (Isetan).
11 or more of these continue down....

Tezuka Osamu World Kyoto
(gift shop section)
...for us manga fans.

Sign for Tezuka Osamu World
featuring Black Jack, Atom (Astroboy), Leo (Kimba), etc.

Osaka and Hotel

Look! Tiny modular hotel bathroom!
One-piece molded bathroom units,
used in business hotels in Japan.
I love the faucets in these...
separate temperature controls!

Check out the cup -
"Washed Up" doesn't always mean
what they think it means.
The hotel provided slippers (including take-home ones),
hot-water thermos, guest robes,
toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razors,
shaving cream, shower caps....

Shin(new) Osaka Station
(very big, though not as big as Kyoto Station)
Beneath this footbridge are many train tracks side by side (6? 7?)

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