FILE: IMG_1259-Nagano-Shibu-hotel-clothing.jpg
TITLE: Yukata and Haori at a Hotel
DESCRIPTION: In traditional Japanese hotels with hot spring baths, yukatas (light kimono) and haori (the jacket) are provided for guests. Multiple sizes are provided, though large Westerners may require special sizes. Guests wander the hotel in this traditional wear, and even venture outside to visit other hotel hot spring baths wearing their own hotel's outfits. No, you don't get to take home your yukata and haori, but you DO get to keep a small hand-sized washcloth/towel with the hotel's name on it. (Hotels give them away because Japanese guests don't like getting pre-used towels... plus it's probably advertisement.)
CREDITS: 2008 Eri Izawa
COPYRIGHT: 2008 Eri Izawa